Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock (SX-BDL09)

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Tuya Bluetooth Smart Fingerprint Door Lock – Tuya Smart / Smart Life App – 5 Unlock Options (SX-BDL09)
Unlocking Options: Fingerprint, Passcode, App (within Bluetooth Range), OTP/Dynamic Password and Keys.
Best for rented house, main door, bedroom door, office room door etc.
Bluetooth, Always Open Mode, Unlocking Logs, Emergency Power Input Options (Type-C Port).
Runs from 4 pcs AAA Alkaline battery.


Upgrade your home security with the Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock, a versatile and budget-friendly solution perfect for rented houses, bedrooms, main doors and office room doors. This advanced smart lock offers multiple unlocking methods to suit your convenience: fingerprint, password, key, dynamic password, and Bluetooth app.

This cost-effective smart lock ensures robust security while being affordable. Enhance your home’s safety and enjoy the convenience of modern technology with the Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock.

Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock
Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock
Tuya Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

Technical Specifications:

Model SX-BDL09
Applicable Door Types Wooden Door, Steel Door, Aluminum Door
Applicable Door Thickness 30~55MM
Suitable For Bedroom, Office Room, Hotel Room, Resort Room etc.
Unlock Options Fingerprint, Passcode, App (within Bluetooth Range) and Keys
Fingerprint Sensor Type Semiconductor
Fingerprint Recognition Speed 0.25S
Fingerprint Capacity 50
Network Bluetooth
App Tuya Smart / Smart Life
Power Supply 4 pcs AAA Alkaline Batteries
Emergency Power Input Option Type-C Port
Material Zinc Alloy
Cylinder Level C-Level Lock Cylinder
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Smart Door Lock for Bedroom
Smart Door Lock for Office Room
Compact Design Smart Door Lock
Smart Fingerprint Door Lock


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