Company Profile


SmartX BD is a dynamic and innovative company that embarked on its journey in the last quarter of 2017. As a leading product supplier and solution provider in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain, we specialize in offering cutting-edge solutions for both Consumer IoT (Smart Home & Office Automation) and Industrial IoT sectors. Our commitment to excellence, technological expertise, and customer-centric approach have enabled us to carve a niche in the IoT market.

Our Vision

To be a well recognized IoT solutions provider that empowers individuals and businesses with smart, efficient, and secure automation technologies.

Our Mission

To deliver state-of-the-art IoT products and customized solutions that enhance convenience, safety, and productivity for our valued customers.

Product Portfolio

Smart Home & Office Automation – Consumer IoT Solutions

At SmartX BD, we take pride in offering a wide array of Consumer IoT solutions tailored to modern living and working environments.Our product line includes:

  1. Smart Video Doorbell & Doorphone
    Secure your premises with our advanced video doorbell and doorphone, providing real-time video and audio communication for added security.
  2. Smart Door Locks
    Embrace the future of home and office security with our intelligent smart door locks that offer keyless access control and remote monitoring capabilities.
  3. Smart Lighting Control, Light Dimming, and Sensor-Based Automation
    Experience enhanced energy efficiency and convenience with our smart lighting control systems. Our solutions integrate motion sensors for intelligent automation and include advanced light dimming capabilities to create the perfect ambiance in any room.
  4. Smart Air-Conditioner, Fan, Geyser Control
    Optimize your energy consumption and comfort levels by remotely controlling your air-conditioner, fan, and geyser through our intuitive IoT solutions.
  5. Smart Motorized Curtain & Blind Control
    Automate your window treatments with our motorized curtain and blind control system, easily adjustable through mobile devices.
  6. Smart Switchable Glass Solution by PDLC Film
    Our smart switchable glass solution employs PDLC film, enabling privacy control with the flick of a switch.
  7. Smart Sensors
    Monitor and analyze various environmental parameters in real-time using our smart sensor technology, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  8. Smart Electricity Consumption Monitoring
    Keep track of your energy consumption and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements through our smart electricity monitoring system.
  9. Smart Alarm System
    Ensure the safety of your premises with our intelligent and customizable smart alarm system, offering real-time alerts and remote monitoring.

    Industrial IoT Solutions

    SmartX BD is not limited to consumer applications; we also provide specialized Industrial IoT solutions, including:

    1. Fuel (Diesel) Monitoring Solution
      Enhance fleet and equipment management with our fuel monitoring solution, enabling accurate tracking of diesel consumption in commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, and fixed fuel tanks.
    2. Customized IoT Solutions
      We understand that different industries have unique requirements. As an adaptable IoT solutions provider, we cater to specific business needs by offering tailor-made solutions.