GSM Smoke & Temperature Detector with Call & SMS Alert

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GSM Smoke and Temperature Detector with Alarm System – GSM Call and SMS Alert Feature with RF Relay Outputs.
Model: YG-G06N


Product Features:
1. Support smoke and temperature detection, the temperature sensor can be set from 50 to 70 degree Celsius;
2. Support SIM Card, when smoke detected or the detected temperature greater than the set temperature, this device will automatically alarm sound, send SMS and dial number;
3. Support SMS and Phone-call remote operatation and settings.
4. Multiple optional alarm ouputs: Wireless RF signal and relay outputs (NC,NO,COM)
5. Battery SMS alert: can send SMS alert when built-in battery is low power, external power on/off and other occations.

Product Description:
The YG-G06N detector combines functions of smoke sensor and temperature detector, it can be use for fire alarm and detecting external environment temperature.
User can set the temperature alarm, alarm temperature can be set to 50~70 degrees (57 degrees is default), when the external environment is greater than the set temperature, it will trigger the alarm system, enter the alarm state.
When the detector triggers the alarm system, it will automatically alarm sound, send SMS and dial number simultaneously.
The main unit can dial the preset numbers to alarm, if no one answers the call, the system will call the next number automatically, it will call all the preset numbers for 3 times. System can set 5 groups SMS alarm number, phone alarm number 5 groups. All of these greatly enhance the security and stability of system.
In daily life we can dial number or send SMS to inquiry system status, alarm records and environment temperature, set and control the detector, custom temperature and smoke alarm message contents.
The detector has multiple optional alarm ouputs: Wireless RF signal and relay outputs (NC,NO,COM). So it can be connected with all kinds of household appliances, to bring great convenience to our life.

Package Include:
1 x GSM Smoke and Temperature Detector (batteries included)
1 x Adaptor
1 x Screws
1 x user manual(English)

Product Parameters:
Power: DC 12V
Battery: 7.4V/500mAh Rechargeable lithium batteries
GSM Frequency Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Low Power Voltage: 6.5V
Working Current: <27mA
Alarm Current: <160mA Alarm Temperature: 50°C~70°C (Default 57°C) Alarm Sound: >80dB (Distance is 3 meters)
Alarm output: wireless output:5MHz/433 MHz/868 MHz (optional)
Wired output: NC/NO/COM (optional)
Wireless Transmitting Distance: >70m (Empty distance)


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