PIR Motion Sensor with Doorbell Sound and Security Alarm Sound

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PIR Motion Sensor with Automatic Doorbell Sound and Security Alarm Sound for your easy DIY security system.

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This product adopts high sensitivity detector, integrated circuit and SMT technology; It gathers automatic, convenient, safety and practical function; The wide detection range is made of up and down, left and right service field. It utilizes human motion infrared rays as control signals, when human enter detection fields, it will start the sound system (dingdong, alarm) to call attention that person enters detection fields; It could protect you all-weather and it will give safety you never have for your family and travel; Its using range is wide and its installation is easy.

General Attributes:
■ Power source : DC9V
■ Detection Range : 60 degree
■ Detection Distance : 8m(Max.)
■ Static Consumption : <60μA
■ Working Consumption: <100mA
■ Alarm Sound : ≥60DB
■ Switch Function : Alarm/Off/Chime
■ Alarm time-delay : 15s(approximately)
■ Working temperature : -10~+40°C
■ Working humidity : <93%RH


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